Monday, June 8, 2015

Mobile Responsive Websites

Time To Update Your Website

Mediasophia and Sophia Web Design are offering entrepreneurs, small businesses and anyone looking to reach millions of viewers on smart phones and tablets mobile responsive websites. State of the art mobile responsive websites increase viewing audiences and represent your company as an industry leader. Take advantage of our affordable websites so your company reaches the largest audience and converts the highest percentage of site visitors into sales.

Maximize earning potential and stop losing customers because of your outdated website.
People looking to buy your products and services are on their mobile devices while commuting on the train, flying across country and basically anywhere on the go. If your website does not auto configure to smart phones and tablets, you will lose sales. Not only that, but Google has announced that the mobile responsive websites are placed ahead for searches in front of outdated website that aren’t.

When a website appears first for popular keyword searches it receives the most traffic and yields large conversion rates. It is time to update your site and we guarantee a smooth transition and higher placement for Google searches!

Contact Mediasphia or Sophia Web Design today to discuss mobile responsive web design that meets your needs and is within your budget!

Friday, July 11, 2014

Web Design and Optimization for Med Spas

Cosmetic Clinic Reputation Management

Investing in ones personal health and beauty is a trending that has spread in progressive cities across the US and throughout the world. Men and women have embraced the cosmetic surgery industry and med spas have become extremely popular on a global scale. Cosmetic surgeons and skin care professionals are opening practices by the thousands and med spa clinics are in a highly competitive market. The successful cosmetic surgery practices invest in optimization and web design for med spas to reach thousands of viewers and attract continual influx of new patients.

In the health and beauty industry it is essential to have a profile on the web that reflects success. Mediasophia clients are represented on the Internet with state of the art web design that seduce viewers and convert visitors into new patients. Our contemporary websites are organically optimized to achieve first place on Google for important keyword searches including, “face lift”, “breast augmentation”, “Botox”, "Coolsculpting"and "laser skin resurfacing" in competitive cities.

The Mediasophia reputation management team ensures our med spa client profiles are positive and accurately reflect their experience and level of professionalism. We ensure no bad reviews or negative defaming content surface on the web in connection with our clients practice. Our reputation management protects the doctors we work with from slanderous postings and false statement from disgruntled employees, ex lovers or any anonymous attacker intending to do harm.

Investing in Mediasophia online reputation management, and organic website optimization positions cosmetic surgeons with a powerful and highly visible presence that attracts audiences seeking makeovers beauty enhancement body contouring procedures. Our cosmetic surgeons are dominating the market in competitive cities including Paris, Miami and New York.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Web Design and Optimization for Health and Beauty Professionals

Sophisticated web design-

Cosmetic surgery and beautification procedures including laser skin resurfacing, Botox and inject-able fillers is an exploding industry. Med spas and cosmetic surgery practices are opening up by the thousands in progressive international cities. In competitive metropolitan areas like New York City and Paris health care professionals are performing thousands of procedures everyday. And although the competition is steep, the doctors and surgeons that are represented on the internet with seductive and captivating websites that are positioned on page one of Google for popular search terms are achieving great success.

Mediasophia clients in the health and beauty industry are representd on the Internet as leading med spas and cosmetic surgery practices in a competitive market. Throught the implementation of state of the art web design and organic search engine optimization its clients are dominating "facelift", "Botox", "laser skin resurfacing" and popular procedure search terms. The practices that appear first for popular keyword searches reach the largest audience and convert the highest percentage of visitors into patients.

When you are ready to represent your practice as the leader in your market sector and maximize your influx of new patients, contact an internet marketing firm with a portfolio of clients dominating search engine results. First page rankings and sophisticated web design yield large conversions and high investment returns.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Mediasophia Clients Dominate Popular Searches

Mediasophia, clients in the health and beauty industry are dominating search results for popular keywords. Cosmetic surgeons and med-spa professionals are obtaining first page rankings for "facelift", "tummy tuck" and "coolscultping" in progressive cities including Palm Beach and New York. Through the implementation of proven effective SEO strategies, beauty clinics are maximizing earning potential by having a state of the art websites optimized for high visibility on the web. 

When a cosmetic surgery practice is represented on the Internet with a sophisticated and seductive web design Palm Beach site, its surgeons are attracting the direct audience seeking contemporary procedures. The elements of design are very influential and as long as a website is seductive and positioned on the web for top search results, clinics will receive a constant influx of new patients. 

"Coolsculpting" is becoming very popular in progressive cultures and more and more people are having work done. When a person is considering cosmetic surgery they will research doctors and available procedures by surfing the Internet. At Mediasophia we represent our clients as leading professionals in a given market. Our web design, online reputation management and organic search engine optimization is positioning clients ahead of their biggest competitors and dramatically increasing sales. 

Mediasophia is a full service Internet marketing firm that caters to the beauty industry elite. Its cosmetic surgery and med-spa clients are represented as leading professionals in progressive cities and are dominating popular procedure keyword searches.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Mediasophia Web Design Palm Beach and Organic SEO

Internet marketing is a proven effective method of advertising in today's e-commerce system. The companies that are represented on the Internet with a sophisticated website that is optimized for popular keyword searches are earning seventy five percent of market shares. In progressive cites like West Palm Beach, this percentage amounts to high returns.
Mediasophia is implementing marketing campaigns that implement state of the art web design Palm Beach in combination with proven effective organic search engine optimization techniques to quickly achieve first place rankings for popular keyword searches. When a website appears first for multiple searches it reaches the largest audience and solicits a large amount of sales. 
Since the implementation of Google Hummingbird programing, Mediasophia has given clients a jump start ahead of their biggest competitors. Our professionals have quickly adapted to the changes and their knowledge of Google algorithm patterns have stolen the lead from former first place elite for even clients just beginning to establish an online presence. This is good news for businesses looking to attract customers and obtain an immediate return on investment. 

Monday, January 7, 2013

SEO Miami Obtains First Page Rankings with Organic Optimization

Miami is known for its high profile celebrity status. In the Latin infused cultural epicenter of Miami, whether you are looking to party all night with the VIP elite or spend your days indulging in the best contemporary society has to offer, this town of neon and glamor is the place to be. The streets of art deco district south beach are aligned with some of the east coasts most funky hotels, seductive lounges, chic boutiques, and top venue pop culture entertainment clubs. The young hipster crowds flock to Miami like shimmering pink flamingos to party among pop culture icons and the super model elite.

Businesses that cater to Miami’s hipster culture and high society elite are prime for to revenue potential. With so many people visiting this pop star city, looking to indulge and spend it is a ripe market for companies providing the latest in good and service.

Whether you are operating a dance club, luxury hotel, sport car dealership or trendy restaurant, investing in SEO Miami and online reputation management with a successful marketing firm will put your business in a position for success. The top ranked businesses for Google searches are earning seventy five percent of market shares. This high percentage in a city like Miami means large scale earning potential.

When you are ready to earn this high percentage of market shares, look to a firm that has a proven record of top ranked clients in Miami and other progressive cities. With thousands of businesses in competition, obtaining first page rankings will only be achieved by a marketing firm practiced in the seo techniques proven effective. Google is continuously improving their technologies and as a result algorithms are in a constant state of change. Only an experienced firm will bring the results you need to rise above the inferior clutter of websites that saturate the internet for Miami keyword searches.  

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Organic SEO Miami and Top Ranking Results

Does your company website present your business with the level of sophistication that new customers are seeking? Is it alluring, easily navigable and is it ranked on the first page of Google for important keyword searches? These are important questions to ask. Websites that reflect current market trends and are the top ranked on Google in their market sector, are earning seventy five percent of market shares. In progressive cities like Miami, this percentage means large revenues for those few elite.

Miami is a city of high society and celebrity status. The culture of this community has interested in fast cars, oceanfront luxury living and the latest technology has to offer. In a city like this, businesses are prime for success. Consumers looking for the hottest trends and latest in goods and services are prepared to spend to get what they want. Because Miami is such a ripe consumer market, the internet is flooded with thousands of websites all looking to cash in on the high profile status.

Successful entrepreneurs know the value of SEO Miami and online reputation management. When businesses want to reap the benefits of first page rankings, they invest in organic search engine optimization to elevate their website above the inferior clutter and represent their business among the industry elite. As long as your website is reflective of current market trends and is on the first page of Google for the important industry keywords is will earn high traffic revenues.

When looking to achieve top ranking results it is important to select a marketing firm that has a strong portfolio of top ranked clients in progressive cities. Google algorithms are in a constant state of change and only an experienced firm knowledgeable of seo techniques that work will get results. Meeting the challenges of obtaining top rankings in cities like Miami requires the work of professionals. Long gone are the days where part time armatures were able to get the results deeded for maintaining top rankings and ensuring long term success.